News & events

24-26 April 2024
MANNGA’s results are presented at the “Neuromorphic Magnonics” workshop

30 March 2024
MANNGA report published: Report on benchmarking and technology readiness level assessment of resonant magnonic devices as sources, output couplers, amplitude and phase modulators, and steerers of spin waves

12-13 September 2023
MANNGA face-to-face project meeting takes place in Aalto University, Finland

24 April 2023
MANNGA’s first paper is published - Nonlinear chiral magnonic resonators: Toward magnonic neurons

14-15 December 2022
The first face-to-face project meeting is held in Halle, Germany

18 November 2022
Presentation of the MANNGA project at the SpinTronicsFactory workshop

22 September 2022
The kick-off meeting of MANNGA is held online