Publications and presentations


Electric chiral magnonic resonators utilizing spin–orbit torques
Yat-Yin Au

Opportunities and Challenges for Spintronics
C. Adelmann, A. Jenkins, P. Pirro, K. Schultheiss, S. van Dijken, V. Kruglyak and P. Bortolotti

Electric Field Control of Chiral Magnonic Resonators for Spin-Wave Manipulation
Y. Au and K. G. Fripp

Nonlinear chiral magnonic resonators: Toward magnonic neurons
K. G. Fripp, Y. Au, A. V. Shytov, and V. V. Kruglyak


Toward Larger-Area Magnonic Platform Materials: 3-Inch, Nanometer-Thin YIG Films
Carsten Dubs, T. Reimann, M. Lindner, O. Surzhenko,
Magnonics 2023 Workshop Le Touquet - Paris - Plage, France, July 30th - August 3rd, 2023